Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe Boxes

If you have lots of clothes to move or store why not consider wardrobe moving boxes? Wardrobe boxes for moving house are essentially temporary wardrobes built of double walled cardboard for extra strength and rigidity. They have a strong internal hanging rail, from which clothing may be hung to prevent creasing and crushing, which is beneficial for expensive or delicate clothing.

If you have thick winter coats that you don’t want creased or expensive evening wear that needs to be stored hanging upright, rather than folded or rolled up and tightly packed away, then a wardrobe storage box is an ideal solution. Hanging clothes in a traditional manner in our wardrobe boxes not only keeps your garments neat and tidy, but also allows air to circulate around them to keep the clothing fresh and free from any degradation.

Our wardrobe boxes are perfectly designed for holding and storing a wide range of clothing. The standard wardrobe moving box is ideal for shorter length garments like shirts, skirts and jackets, while the tall wardrobe moving box handles longer items like dresses and full-length coats.

Once you get to your new destination, wardrobe boxes may be left in-situ as a garment storage option until you have arranged more permanent storage.

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