Specialist Boxes

Specialist Boxes

Office storage boxes are useful in most house moves. Even if we don’t work from home we all have personal documentation of some sort that needs to be carefully packed away and taken with us when we move.


Our archive boxes are easily assembled with integral lid and are ideal for document storage with printed on grids for contents labelling.


Almost all households now have a home computer and lots of related equipment as well as paper files and documents. Pack up your computers and related equipment using our specially designed computer boxes. Our computer packing boxes are optimally sized to pack and move your equipment safely and securely.

Perhaps a more robust solution for packing and moving computers or documents are plastic lidded crates. These are manufactured from tough polypropylene and are ideal for storing and moving large amounts of documents, files and books. Plastic packing crates are also perfect for protecting documents or computers if you need to keep them in longer term storage.

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