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Small Moving Box


Our small moving box is small, lightweight and strong. It is the ideal size for smaller, heavier items like books, CD’s and DVD’s. Due to its compact size it can be easily lifted and moved when full. An easy to carry, versatile box that fits nicely into back seats of cars and boots if you are moving yourself.

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Product Description

Use these strong cardboard boxes for moving and storing smaller heavier items such as books, DVDs, kitchen supplies, handheld electrical and electronic devices and knick-knacks. The advantage when using small boxes like these for heavier items is that they can be easily lifted and moved when full.

Like all our boxes, the small moving box arrives flat packed and is easy to assemble. It may be disassembled and reused due to its high quality material and construction. The small moving box is stackable helping you maximise the space in your moving vehicle, storage unit or loft.The small moving box is double walled, which makes it extra strong, durable and weather/moisture resistant.

Its dimensions are: 18 (L) x 13 (W) x 13 (D)” allowing easy handling.

To make your move more organised and less stressful, all our moving boxes have printed grids on them. There is a grid for you to mark which room the box is to go to for easy and efficient distribution and a second grid for you to detail the contents of the box. Don’t forget that we sell marker pens and packing tape as well.

If you are storing or moving valuable or fragile items please see our packing and wrapping section for products that can provide protection against damage.


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