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Gneral Use Crate


The standard lidded crate is a general purpose lidded crate ideal for packing and moving a wide variety of household items.  This crate is exceptionally tough and provides excellent protection for contents.  It is also weatherproof and may be sealed shut for added security.


Product Description

Our standard lidded crate is our most popular packing crate.  It is a general purpose crate and is ideal for packing and moving all sorts of household items. It provides an alternative to the cardboard moving box.  The standard lidded crate may be considered instead of cardboard moving boxes where belongings are going into storage and additional protection or security is required.


The standard lidded crate is made from tough polyproplene. It’s robust and weatherproof and can be sealed shut for extra security.


Use packing paper or bubble wrap to pack and protect your items inside the crate.


For space saving the standard lidded crates can be nested when empty and stacked when full.


Please note:  Supplied colours may vary.  Please contact us if you have a particular colour requirement.




Capacity: 80Ltrs


External measurements:

BASE 605x385x375mm
UPPER 710x460mm


Internal measurements:

BASE 595x375x345mm
UPPER 630x415mm


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