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The little packaging company / Bubble Wrap 500MM X 100M

Bubble Wrap 500MM X 100M


Bubble wrap the best selling material for wrapping and protecting fragile items. Ideal for crockery and glassware and any household items or possessions that you feel need that bit of extra protection.

Product Description

For good overall protection use Bubble Wrap to wrap your fragile items such as glass, crockery and ornaments until covered by two inches of wrap all the way around. Also use scruched up bubble wrap tops gaps between items in boxes, to prevent movement and give cushioning during transit. Why not have a bit of fun popping left over bubble wrap or save it for Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on January 27th each year! Use our conveneient small rolls of bubble wrap to pack and protect your possessions. The small bubble wrap rolls are 500mm X 10m


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